• Hays Medical Center - Leaves of Life
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Leaves of Life

The ‘Leaves of Life’ was commissioned by Hays Medical Center. Through the Dept. of the Dreiling Schmidt Cancer Center. Their desire was to honor victims and survivors of cancer. They liked the idea of leaves and trees as it gave the impression of life,growth and health. Through the various meetings with committees a general consensus was reached as to what sketch could be developed to represent their vision. Throughout the process HMC admin visited my studio to view the progress and to offer suggestions. Their personal involvement was greatly appreciated as it helped them to develop a continual vision until the end. This also helped with the communication so all parties understood what the vision was for their project. The progress could be viewed on my web page as photos were posted for all to see. The size was 8’ X 20’ using Red Oak and welded steel with gold name plates.